Billie Eilish made a lot of noise with their TikTok account

Billie Eilish made a lot of noise on social networks with their TikTok account and their username on the platform.

Fans can hardly contain themselves over all of this.

Until now, Billie Eilish was one of the celebrities who still hadn’t jumped on the TikTok train.

While many stars have fully embraced the hugely popular video-sharing platform, others resisted their adherence.

Billie was one of the latter until just a few days ago when fans found out about her news. TikTok account.

Billie Eilish made a lot of noise with their TikTok account
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At first, the account was not verified, but it quickly grew to over 4.5 million subscribers in just a few days.

And even though there was no verification, based on the videos we were all on the same page and thought it was safe to assume it was really Billie even though the account name wasn’t Billie Eilish.

Some fans thought it could be Billie’s secret account … but it looks like it is no longer so secret.
We all know Billie is active on other social media platforms like Instagram where she has nearly 70 million subscribers, but fans couldn’t have been more excited about Billie’s TikTok debuts.
And much of the excitement was with Billie’s username.

In typical and oddly hilarious Billie fashion, the TikTok username with Billie’s videos was coochiedestroyer5.

However; she now changed it to “billieeilish” shortly after making her debut on the platform.

Her first video aired late last week and quickly garnered over 90 million views.



♬ original sound - BILLIE EILISH

And over the weekend, she uploaded another video that got over 42 million views in a day.
And his second video was even better than the first…
She sent him back at that moment that only fans will remember.
And here is his TikTok


♬ original sound - BILLIE EILISH

Seriously, Billie on TikTok is here to save 2020.

This whole account is all I didn’t know I needed And I am certainly not alone.
Fans flooded social media to share their love for Billie’s TikTok and her well, unique username.

I think the highlight of my day is Billie Eilish getting Tik Tok and calling herself coochiedestroyer5

— millenial falcon. 🐥 (@tori_gore) November 13, 2020

Another fan commented on the writing of his video

Billie is the only person able to perfectly express gen z
So far Billie only has these few videos on her page, but it looks like the beginning of a great relationship between Billie and TikTok.
We can’t wait to see what else she posts!
News can’t come fast enough.
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