Ariana Grande engaged to Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande looks like she's engaged to her boyfriend Dalton Gomez!

That's right, you guys, this Sunday morning, December 20, Ariana Grande took to Instagram to share the incredible news!

Sources say Ariana and Dalton have been dating since January year. They were first seen kissing at a bar in Northridge, Calif. On February 8 - though many reports claim that they began to release quietly in January.

Although she has taken a position to remain silent and private about her future and current relationships, she couldn't help but give us a glimpse of her new man in the movie "Stuck With You" Musical clip!

Since then, Ari has shown Dalton on IG and even talked about him in interviews.

So last year we had a lot of exposure to her relationship and we are so grateful!

TMZ and many other outlets are reporting that Ariana and Dalton have officially done this official with an engagement ring!

Ariana posted a slew of adorable pics of her and Dalton today and a not-so-subtle FLASH of a diamond ring on her ring finger of her left hand with the caption: "forever n then some" So obviously all of us Arianators are like “OMG, is that a commitment. It must be a commitment! "

And looking closely at the engagement ring, it looks like the pearl part might have a very special meaning.

ariana grande engagement ring



In October 2014, Ari shared a photo of this ring with the caption "Nonna had a ring made for me with the bead from grandpa's tie pin. she says he told her in a dream that protect me. <3 "
special ring and pearl for ariana
Ariana Grande Twitter
And it looks like that special ring and pearl is what we see in Ari's
beautiful diamond ring.

As this fan also pointed out with the side of the image by side on Twitter. Honestly, guys, seeing this hits really differently.

Ariana has yet to specifically confirm or deny the news outside of her Instagram.

however as you can see in the post, her mother Joan Grande appeared to confirm this by tweeting. "I'm so excited to welcome Dalton Gomez to our family! Ariana, I love you and Dalton so much !!!!
Here is happiness forever! YAY!

Naturally, Ari started following the trends on Twitter.
Fans are going crazy over this news! 

We are here with you! From all of us here in little news online congratulations Ari and Dalton we are so over the moon and happy for both of you! We can't wait to continue watching your beautiful love story unfold!

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