Beygood Is Stepping up in a Big Way

 2020 has been really tough for a variety of reasons

People have lost loved ones, their businesses, have struggled with their health, and everything in between, it's really hard.

Throughout the year, celebrities have found ways to give back, but over time, for many people, things have only gotten worse.

With new lockdowns in place in many cities, businesses have been ordered to shut down again, leaving so many people unsure of how they will pay their bills or keep a roof over their runs this holiday season. It is truly heartbreaking!

So Beyoncé is doing what she can by announcing her charity BeyGood's plan to make a difference.

Keep the Faith Remain in Hope Together we can all Help

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According to their website, during this year BeyGood has helped provide people with basic needs like food, water, household supplies, mental health support, and COVID test.

Additionally, they launched their BeyGood Small Business Impact Fund and to date, 250 small businesses received grants of $ 10,000.

Beygood Is Stepping up in a Big Way

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Seriously, Beyoncé does more than the government in many cases, but she didn’t stop there.

She continues to support and help where people need it most. BeyGood Impact Fund will now help those affected, according to their new press release by the housing crisis.

Beyoncé noted that the current housing holds are scheduled to end on December 26.

This will, unfortunately, lead to mortgage foreclosures, rental evictions and many families will be affected by this due to job losses, disease, and the general downturn in the economy.

In this new phase of the BeyGood impact fund, Beyoncé awards grants of $ 5k to individuals and the families facing these seizures or evictions.

Bey's press release had information on how to apply, please click HERE

They noted that the first phase of the application process opens on January 7, 2021, and from this first round, 100 recipients will be selected and the grants will be disbursed at the end of January.

This means that in the first phase of this deployment alone, Bey will donate approximately $ 500,000 to families in need.

The press release also said that they will start accepting nominations for the second round in FebruaryAnd as if all weren't enough, BeyGood said that next week they will announce December recipients of their Small Business Impact Fund.

I mean, this is seriously the kind of good news that we need right now in a tough time holiday season.

Thank you, Beyoncé for stepping up and doing what you can.

It really makes a difference in these extremely difficult times.

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